“Success demands singleness of purpose.”

What’s Your Y?

Purpose is the most powerful motivator in life. It’s what gets you out of bed at 5am to lift weights before school or work. Every athlete has a unique sense of purpose and a compelling personal story behind it.

The YOLKED® “What’s Your Y” series brings those inspirational stories to light, as we share a behind-the-scenes look at what drives members of Team YOLKED to reach new heights in their personal and professional journeys.

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"Mold your body through your own hard work and dedication." Jasen Ono, Bodybuilder

Apr 10, 2023Angela Salveo

What's Your "Y" Interview with Jasen Ono, Bodybuilder My name is Jasen Ono. My last name in Hawaiian means “Delicious” haha ;) I graduated from the University of Nevada, Las...

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"I'm incredibly proud of what I've been able to accomplish and the impact I've been able to make." ~Hanna Joy

Apr 04, 2023Angela Salveo

What's Your "Y" Interview with Hanna Joy, Bodybuilder Give us a brief background of how your fitness journey has evolved? My name is Hanna Joy and I'm from the beautiful...

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"Fitness is a journey, a lifelong journey!" ~Reese Cates

Mar 10, 2023Angela Salveo

What's Your "Y" Interview with Reese Cates, Former Professional Bull Rider, CrossFit Coach My name is Reese Cates. I'm a former professional bull rider and now a CrossFit Coach.My athletic career started with...

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Beating a World Record in the Bench Press at 66

Beating a World Record in the Bench Press at 66

Mar 03, 2023Angela Salveo

Beating a World Record in the Bench Press at 66 and the Sophistry of Aging by Jack Maley, TeamYOLKED, World Record Holder in Bench Press "And then one day you...

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"Trust the process and you can succeed, becoming the best while doing it." ~Jarrod Cande

Nov 07, 2022Angela Salveo

What's Your "Y" Interview with Jarrod Cande, Pitcher, Colorado Rockies Organization My name is Jarrod Cande and I am a pitcher in the Colorado Rockies Organization. I attended Florida Southern college,...

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"With proper preparation, I don't need to rely on luck for promotions, PR's or recognition." ~Austin Barrette

Oct 13, 2022Yolked Powered by Fortetropin

What's Your "Y" Interview with Austin Barrette, former Division 1 Football- Virginia Military Institute. Outside Linebacker. Currently an infantry officer in the Army as well as a professional surfboard shaper in San...

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