“This is a special product that can help any athlete reach new heights. I am impressed by the depth of clinical research behind the product and it’s potential to unlock new levels of performance for athletes of all levels.”
– Aaron Gordon, Orlando Magic

Fertilized egg yolk to help build muscle faster
Fertilized egg yolk to help build muscle faster


YOLKED will enhance your body’s ability to utilize protein more efficiently and build more lean muscle.
Small Servings

Small Servings

One small packet per day can help you break through your fitness plateau for astonishing results!
Clinically Shown

Clinically Shown

YOLKED has been clinically shown to increase lean muscle mass. (See our Study)
Extraordinary Results

Extraordinary Results

Build More Muscle than with Protein Alone. It’s Protein’s Perfect Partner.
Yolked protein for lean muscle

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YOLKED is not meant to replace your protein…
It is meant to unlock its potential!

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fertilized egg yolk for muscle building
Ingredients: Egg Yolk Powder (Fortetropin), Dextrose and Natural Vanilla Flavor

If you train hard and eat well and you haven’t tried YOLKED, you don’t know what you are missing! One small packet of this easy, on-the-go powder will result in Improved Muscle Gains and Recovery! YOLKED contains 3 clean, all-natural ingredients and is NSF Certified.

Is Not A Protein Supplement.
It Unlocks Protein’s Potential.

YOLKED helps unlock the potential of the protein you consume and helps your body utilize that protein more efficiently. YOLKED is powered by Fortetropin®, a revolutionary ingredient made through a patented process that maintains the powerful and vital nutrients of fertilized egg yolks to build more lean muscle. Fertilized egg yolk is unique in that it has complex molecules that increase muscle building and decrease muscle loss. YOLKED is a muscle enhancer which has been clinically shown to build up to 8 lbs of muscle mass in 12 weeks! Yolked is all natural and contains 3 simple ingredients: fertilized egg yolk powder, dextrose and natural vanilla flavor!

YOLKED is Brought
To You By Myos Rens Technology
A Pioneer in Muscle Health

Myos Rens Technology (MYOS) is a world leading research and development company dedicated to improving muscle health and performance through advanced nutrition products.

MYOS strives to provide the highest level of efficacy and safety in its muscle health products. Rigorous testing is done at each stage of manufacturing and the final product is tested by NSF International, an exclusive third-party auditing, product testing, development and training organization to ensure that our products meet the highest level of safety and quality possible. The mark Certified for Sport®, helps athletes make safer decisions when choosing sports supplements.

Additionally, as a result of NSF Certification, Yolked has been accepted into a number of collegiate athletic programs through our IMG partnership.

Muscle Enhancement Redefined!

YOLKED is the result of a ground breaking discovery in muscle building science. A team of scientists from around the world have identified a natural bioactive composition called Fortetropin®, derived from fertilized egg yolk using a unique high-grade patented process. Fortetropin® is a revolutionary all-natural product that helps your body utilize protein more efficiently to build more lean muscle mass.

In a double blind, placebo controlled clinical study, participants who took Fortetropin® gained 2.7x – 3.2x more lean muscle mass than those who took a placebo. Their muscle thickness also increased significantly.

YOLKED stands in a class by itself. Break those fitness plateaus and experience results like you’ve never imagined before. Yolked is the missing piece in sports nutrition.

Fitness Expert Agrees

YOLKED just makes me feel better...not just stronger muscles, but also better skin, nails, hair and overall, I feel more robust! It's a SUPER super food for me. They start with pristine fertilized egg yolks and isolate something called Fortetropin® that has clinically proven benefits for muscle growth, but like I said, I notice it systemically throughout my entire body! This stuff tastes great too! I would only recommend something that I actually use, and I never sell out to make a buck. YOLKED works for me and that's why I highly recommend it to my family, friends and clients.I strongly suggest you give it a try!
- David Weck, Creator WeckMethod and Founder/CEO of BOSU Fitness.