Fueling Greatness: Brody Garner's Journey to Athletic Excellence with YOLKED

Brody Garner, Football Wide Receiver and Defensive back for the NB Raiders

What's Your "Y"

Interview with Brody Garner, wide receiver and defensive back for the NB Raiders

I play wide receiver and defensive back for the NB Raiders in football. On the basketball court, I'm a forward, and in track, I specialize in sprinting for Plainfield Central.


How has your fitness and sports journey evolved over the years?

Over the past couple of years, my training regimen has evolved. Initially, I focused on footwork and plyometrics, but recently I've incorporated weight training into my routine to build strength and power.


What or who has been your main source of motivation throughout your sports career? Do you find more motivation in doubters or supporters?

I draw motivation from both supporters and doubters, but I have to admit, doubters add an extra fire in me to prove myself. It's like turning their skepticism into fuel for my performance.

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What has been the biggest mental challenge you've faced in your sport, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest mental challenge for me has been staying the course and proving my value to new teams and coaches I may not have worked with in the past. To overcome this, I remind myself of my abilities and focus on delivering my best performance consistently.


What do you do to ensure you're physically and mentally prepared for competition? Any secrets you can share?

My secret is that workouts clear my head and help me focus on the next rep. Practice is where I lock in to ensure I'm fully prepared for competition.


Could you tell us about your recovery strategies, and how does YOLKED fit into that?

Traveling for workouts and events can be exhausting. I've found that getting high-quality protein into my system as soon as possible is crucial for recovery. YOLKED is a perfect fit because it's convenient and tastes great. Additionally, getting plenty of sleep is key to my recovery strategy.


What's your "Y"? What keeps you going and training as hard as you do?

My "Y" is preparing for the next big stage, the next level of competition. I want to be physically prepared for any challenge that comes my way as I grow and develop.

 Brody Garner's Exclusive YOLKED Secrets

Looking ahead, where do you see yourself as an athlete in 5 years?

Right now, I'm laser-focused on preparing to play college football, although basketball and track are also possibilities. In five years, I envision myself thriving in my chosen sport at the college level.


Could you share your favorite motivational quote, song, mentor, or anything that keeps you inspired?

One of my favorite quotes is from Dabo Swinney: "How you do anything is how you do everything."


Lastly, tell us why you're "Team YOLKED"?

I've been using YOLKED for over a year now, and I've seen incredible results. I'm proud to be a part of Team YOLKED because I believe in the product. I only promote products I use myself, and YOLKED has proven to be a valuable addition to my training regimen.