Protein’s Perfect Partner: A Breakthrough In Sports Nutrition

Protein’s Perfect Partner: A Breakthrough In Sports Nutrition

YOLKED® is not a protein supplement, it’s protein’s perfect partner. Learn more about this breakthrough in sports nutrition. 

Is YOLKED® a Protein Supplement?

No, YOLKED® is not a protein supplement. Consider it protein’s perfect partner powered by Fortetropin®. Fortetropin is a revolutionary ingredient made through a patented process that maintains the powerful and vital nutrients of fertilized egg yolks. 

Finally, an all natural sports nutrition supplement that boosts lean muscle and aids in recovery.

What is Fortetropin?

Fortetropin which is the first all-natural ingredient clinically shown to increase lean muscle mass and thickness as part of resistance training. Fortetropin is produced from fertilized chicken egg yolk using our proprietary technology to pasteurize and dry it without the use of heat that preserves the biological integrity and bioactivity of the mixture. 

Fortetropin helps your body to make more muscle by up regulating muscle building pathway (mTOR) and down regulating muscle destroying pathway (ubiquitin proteosome).

It’s not a protein supplement, it’s protein’s perfect partner. 

How is YOLKED® Different than Eating Raw Eggs?

Curious about the difference between eating raw eggs vs YOLKED?  

There are a couple differences. Our product is made from fertilized egg yolk, which is not readily available in the supermarket. These fertilized eggs are shown to be more dense in nutrients and are unique because they have complex molecules that increase muscle building and decrease muscle loss. 

The big difference between eating our formula vs actual raw eggs is primarily safety. Eating raw eggs increases a risk for food borne illnesses. Once you cook the eggs, it changes the molecular structure and destroys many of those nutrients. Our process pasteurizes those fertilized yolks without heat, which maintains the same nutrients as raw egg without the risk of consuming raw food.

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What Are the Ingredients in YOLKED?

Want to avoid artificial ingredients in your supplements? So do we! YOLKED is all-natural and contains 3 simple ingredients: 

  1. Fertilized Egg Yolk Powder, Fortetropin
  2. Dextrose 
  3. Natural Vanilla Flavor

Who Should Take YOLKED?

Curious about trying YOLKED but not sure if it’s right for you?

Whether you’re a casual exerciser who is looking for muscle gains, a master’s athlete who needs to recover faster or a competitor who’s ready to take sports training to the next level, healthy functioning muscles are key to overcoming your body’s limitations. 

If you want to increase lean muscle mass and boost recovery, this all-natural sports nutrition supplement is for you.

When Should I Take YOLKED?

When should you take YOLKED? Great question. 

Our studies show that there isn’t a specific time –  it can be taken in the morning or evening and not necessarily dependent on timing with training. It is vanilla flavored and mixes great with shakes, yogurt or smoothies so we recommend incorporating it at a time that works best for you! 

Train hard, recover hard.

How Much Should I Take?

Each packet of YOLKED contains 6.6g of Fortetropin®. One small packet per day can help you break through your fitness plateau, build more lean muscle and improve recovery.

Huge health benefits in a little package.

Is YOLKED Safe to Take if I’m Involved in Sports?

At YOLKED, we believe in transparency and strive to prove the highest level of efficacy and safety with our products. During every stage of manufacturing, we implement rigorous testing and the final product is tested by NSF International, an exclusive third-party auditing, product testing, development and training organization to ensure that our products meet the highest level of safety and quality possible.

Do you know what is actually going into your body?!?

So many products are full of unhealthy, and sometimes harmful ingredients. That’s why it’s so important to read the label and be informed. 

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Science-backed, athlete trusted. 

Who is Myos Rens Technology?

Myos Rens Technology (MYOS) is a world leading research and development company dedicated to improving muscle health and performance through advanced nutrition products. MYOS is the owner of Fortetropin®. 

Who are we? We’re a team of leading scientists, doctors, trainers, and thought leaders who are united for the cause of improving muscle health and overall well being. Simply put, we believe that healthy muscles mean strong bodies… and strong bodies help us lead healthier and more fulfilling lives even in the face of physical challenges. 


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