Hear straight from the world-class athletes who #getyolked

YOLKED has become an integral part of elite athlete training programs across the country. 

Joe Thomas

Future NFL Hall of Famer

“This will make your protein supplements better and your eight-pack harder! It tastes great, like the malted part of a milkshake – it’s delicious, we love it!”

Aaron Gordon

Orlando Magic

“This is a special product that can help any athlete reach new heights.

I am impressed by the depth of clinical research behind the product and it’s potential to unlock new levels of performance for athletes of all levels.”

Zach Guth

Colorado Rockies

“YOLKED is something that every athlete should be taking. My recovery rate has almost doubled since I have been taking it.

It has taken my training and my performance to the next level! I have added almost 25 pounds to my bench max and my fastball velocity is up nearly 5 miles an hour due to YOLKED making me stronger. I would 100% recommend any serious athlete this supplement.”

Matt Hartman

Atlanta Braves

“The faster I can recover between outings, the more productive I can be on the mound.

I trust YOLKED for the extra boost I need to stay strong and healthy for the entire season.” 

Travis Moniot

Chicago White Sox

“Yolked has provided me an essential boost in recovery that is needed for professional baseball. Playing about 150 games in 6 months, Yolked is a staple in my daily supplementation to maximize my recovery and performance day in, day out.

The ability to pack/travel with Yolked makes it easy to maintain recovery throughout the season whether I’m home or on the road. Yolked makes things possible by keeping me on the field.”

Brian Shaffer

Tampa Bay Rays

“Since I started taking YOLKED a couple months ago all of my maxes have gone up significantly and the weights I’ve been doing just gets easier and easier. I feel more solid all around.

My body feels better after workouts. It definitely speeds up recovery by taking it every day. Even after I throw it feels like my arm recovers quicker than before. I’m excited to take it during the season to see how I recover.” 

Grant Geib

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Western Michigan University 

“We partnered with Yolked as an experiment to see if we could provide our athletes with an extra boost during this pivotal window of training.  We saw substantial increases in size (5-7 lbs. on average), gains in strength, and several athletes reported improvements in recovery. 

Coaches looking to gain a competitive advantage in their sports nutrition programs should absolutely consider Yolked as a premier option to take performance training to a higher level!”

Jeff Waggoner

Head Baseball Coach, Marshall University

“Our players have used YOLKED for two months and they really enjoyed the strength benefits that it provided.” 

Carli Lloyd

Captain, US Women’s National Soccer Team

“I’m proud to represent a brand that is committed to delivering cutting edge products made with safe, all-natural ingredients that help improve strength, speed and recovery.”