Powered by Fortetropin®

YOLKED® is powered by the novel ingredient Fortetropin, which is clinically shown (see studies below) to accelerate muscle protein synthesis and build 3x more muscle than standard protein use alone. It is a truly unique muscle recovery catalyst!


Our scientists have developed a patented process to harness the immense power of fertilized egg yolk – one of nature’s most nutrient-dense substances! The resulting ingredient is called Fortetropin®.

How does it work?

In short, it’s all about RECOVERY! YOLKED is clinically shown to increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis. Muscle Protein Synthesis is how your body utilizes protein to repair, recover, and build muscles after strenuous activity.

Is it safe to use?

YOLKED is NSF Certified for Sport and completely safe to use. NSF is a trusted source with the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, as well as collegiate sports teams to certify quality, safe for sport products.

What are the ingredients?

YOLKED is nutritious, delicious and made of just three natural ingredients:
(1) FORTETROPIN (all-natural egg yolk crumble)
(2) Dextrose (natural sweetener)
(3) Vanilla natural flavoring.

Elite Recovery means more great workouts, faster muscle repair, and a team full of BIGGER, FASTER, and STRONGER athletes.

Clinical Studies

In a double-blind placebo controlled human clinical trial, athletes who took YOLKED in conjunction with resistance training gained ~3x more muscle than those who took placebo. YOLKED also lowered their plasma levels of myostatin (a protein that puts the brakes on muscle growth) significantly compared to placebo.

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In a double-blind, placebo controlled human clinical trial involving older adults, YOLKED was shown to significantly increase the fractional rate of muscle protein synthesis, by up to 18%.

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