Ready Set Flex

We know you have been working overtime to stack on gains.  Your flex is our flex. YOLKED is pushing the limits of what our muscles can do. Now, we want to see you.

Send us a video of you flexing your muscles and sharing your story of the power of YOLKED.  Submit now for your chance to win a free YOLKED 30 pack (a $59.99 value). Submission deadline is 6/30/2022.

Video submission instructions below.

Submit a Video


Please shoot a 2-3 minute video focusing on your experience with YOLKED. Below is a list of questions you can answer in a free-flowing, casual, authentic conversation. 


  • Your name and hometown.
    For example: “Hey I’m John Doe from Missoula, Montana”
  • How long have you been using YOLKED and how were you first introduced to it?
    For example: “I’ve been using YOLKED for about two years now. I was told about it by my buddy Mike at the gym. He’d been using the product for a while and suggested I give it a try.”
  • How has YOLKED helped you develop as an athlete/fitness enthusiast?
    For example: “YOLKED has been great for me. I love it. It really helps me with recovery and allows me to bounce back from tough workouts. I’m able to stack more workouts where I really push myself. Since I started taking it, I’ve gained 10lbs of muscle and YOLKED is the only thing I changed to my program.”
  • Is it easy/convenient/taste good?
    “I love the taste, tastes like vanilla cake. I eat it from the packet between classes, and add it to my post-workout protein shakes. Super easy and convenient.”


Once you are ready, Submit your YOLKED video to us here. Be sure to read the important notes below. Video files should be less than 10 MB.

Important Notes (PLEASE READ):

  • You don’t need any fancy equipment. You can shoot the video on an iPhone. Shoot it vertically, not horizontally. Make sure the camera is still and not bouncing around.
  • Close in on your chest and face. Not a full body shot. 
  • Good lighting is very important. Natural light is best. 
  • This video does not need to be perfect. Fine to make mistakes or search for your words. Just keep the camera going. More than anything we want it to be real, genuine, authentic. Don’t “perform” for the camera, instead pretend you are talking to a friend about the product.
  • Don’t be too scripted. Ad-libbing is good. Conversational.
  • By entering this contest you are giving YOLKED permission to post your video submission on our social media channels