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Vanilla Fortetropin® Box
30 Pack Box (2)
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What is Fortetropin®

Our scientists have developed a patented process to harness the immense power of fertilized egg yolk – one of nature’s most nutrient-dense substances! The resulting ingredient is called Fortetropin®.

MYOS uses a single, all-natural ingredient called Fortetropin®. No additives or artificial ingredients. Fortetropin® has been shown in multiple clinical studies to accelerate gains in muscle mass, improve mobility and enhance recovery from injury.

Fortetropin® is a proprietary advanced nutrition product developed and owned by MYOS. Fortetropin helps maintain healthy muscle and reduce muscle loss due to aging, injury or surgery. Read our clinical studies and learn more about the power of this groundbreaking product. 

How does it work?

In short, it’s all about RECOVERY! YOLKED is clinically shown to increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis. Muscle Protein Synthesis is how your body utilizes protein to repair, recover, and build muscles after strenuous activity.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All YOLKED products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, please contact us and we'll be sure to make it right.
**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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    Consume YOLKED straight from single-serve packet — super convenient and tastes like a vanilla cupcake.


    Mix YOLKED with your favorite protein shake/smoothie, yogurt, or other snack.

  • DO NOT

    Mix YOLKED with water, as it is not water soluble // cook with or add heat to YOLKED.



Fortetropin® is shown to increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis by 18% and build 3x more lean muscle than protein intake alone, YOLKED stands alone as a unique muscle building supplement. A delicious, fluffy crumble that can be eaten on its own or mixed with a shake, YOLKED is all-natural and safe for athletes and competitors at all levels.


How Often To Take Yolked?

Consume at least one single serve packet of YOLKED each day in order to reach clinical efficacy.

Each serving contains 6.6 of Fortetropin.

When to Take Yolked?

YOLKED can be enjoyed any time of the day.

E.g. with breakfast, post-workout, or as an after-dinner snack.

When will you see results?

Athletes will see results - improved recovery, strength gains, feeling of’fuller’ muscles — within 1 month of daily usage.

Some athletes report significant results within 2-3 weeks of daily use.

Is Yolked Safe to Use?

YOLKED is NSF Certified for Sport and completely safe to use. NSF is a trusted source with the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL, as well as collegiate sports teams to certify quality, safe for sport products.

What are the Ingredients?

YOLKED is nutritious, delicious and made of just three natural ingredients:


(all-natural egg yolk crumble)


(natural sweetener)