"My "'Y" is to be the best athlete I can be." Zach Guth, MiLB Pitcher

"My "'Y" is to be the best athlete I can be." Zach Guth, MiLB Pitcher

What's Your "Y"

Zach Guth, MiLB Pitcher

How has your sport journey evolved?

My sport journey since I started taking YOLKED has been nothing short of amazing. Being able to recover quickly and hop back into hard work the very next day has helped me step my game up!

What motivates you?

My biggest form of motivation is just the constant drive of never being “the best”.

To quote Jocko Willink: “It’s not about pushing the rock to the top of the mountain. It’s about pushing the rock. The daily grind”

What is the biggest challenge you've had to overcome?

The biggest mental challenge in my sport is failure. Baseball is a game surrounded by failure. Failure is best conquered by learning. Every time I have failed has given me an opportunity to learn how to perfect my craft and become a better competitor.

Tell us about your recovery strategies?

My recovery strategies are pretty simple! After a workout I usually get a big protein shake in me, of course with some YOLKED! I normally use one packet but after a tough workout I’ll do two packets. The night after I throw, I normally do some cupping where I am tight/sore.

Finally, the day after I will use my foam roller and go through a thorough full body roll out.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, whether I am still playing or not, I just want to be known as the guy that worked his tail off no matter the circumstances.

What is your "Y"?

My Y is to be the best person/athlete I can be. I want to be able to end my career knowing I left everything on the field and tried my absolute best to get where I am.


"YOLKED is something that every athlete should be taking. My recovery rate has almost doubled since I have been taking it. It has taken my training and my performance to the next level! I have added almost 25 pounds to my bench max and my fastball velocity is up nearly 5 miles an hour due to YOLKED making me stronger. I would 100% recommend any serious athlete this supplement.”

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