Will Getting YOLKED Speed Up Muscle Recovery?

Will Getting YOLKED Speed Up Muscle Recovery?

Wondering if YOLKED can help to speed up muscle recovery? The short answer is quite possibly, based on a large study with 100 dogs.

Post Surgery Muscle Recovery Study

In January 2019, we announced the results of a study that took two years to complete at Kansas State University. The study at K-State looked at the impact of Fortetropin, the secret sauce behind YOLKED, on dogs recovering from a common veterinary surgical procedure called ?tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (aka TPLO).

“Use it or Lose it”

TPLO is performed on dogs to fix busted knees. Dogs have a ligament in their knee called the cranial cruciate ligament which has a job that is very similar to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in humans. If a dog tears their CCL by twisting their hind legs or making a sudden turn while running at full speed, there are not many good options available other than going under the knife. The surgery is one of the most common veterinary surgeries performed on dogs which allows them to once again play a game of frisbee on a warm, summer day. The surgery is not without its downsides and one of the downsides is that dogs have to keep their operated limb immobilized for several weeks after the surgery.

Unfortunately, the old adage use it or lose it very much applies to muscle. As a result, most dogs will lose muscle mass in the thigh of the operated limb while recovering from surgery.

The Study Results

The researchers at K-State gave 50 dogs Fortetropin and 50 dogs cheese powder to take daily for 12 weeks after undergoing TPLO surgery. Cheese powder was selected as a control because its biochemical make-up is very similar to Fortetropin (The Fertilized Egg Yolk Powder of the Gods).

Less Muscle Loss After Surgery

The researchers found that 8 weeks after surgery, dogs that took Fortetropin experienced less muscle loss in comparison to the dogs that were given cheese powder.

Generate More Force from Operated Limb

Further, the researchers also found that the dogs that were given Fortetropin were able to generate more force from their operated limb when compared with the dogs in the ?cheese powder group.?

Muscle Recovery in Humans

Because this study was done in dogs and not humans, we can't say that it will help humans recover faster from muscle injuries. However, we are very excited about the results and are planning to sponsor a human clinical study that will examine muscle recovery after total knee replacement surgery.

In the meanwhile, keep it real and get YOLKED at yolked.com.