What’s Your “Y”? Team YOLKED Ambassadors Talk About Inspiration

What’s Your “Y”? Team YOLKED Ambassadors Talk About Inspiration

As we continue the feature on our #WhatsYourY campaign in part two, we highlight more YOLKED ambassadors. Gain some insight into their inspiration on what drives them day in and day out.

#WhatsYourY: Part 2

Joe Thomas Maintains Muscle Health for His Kids

YOLKED is the most unique and powerful sports nutrition product on the market for muscle health. Nine-time NFL All-Pro football player, Joe Thomas explains why muscle health has always been an extremely important part of his life.

?As a player, building strength and improving recovery time has been a crucial part of my game day preparation. And now in my post playing career, maintaining lean muscle helps me maintain my healthy, active lifestyle.?

But, his real motivation? His kids.

?I want to be in great shape so I can play with my kids for another two, three, four decades. I want to do the things that my dad did with me. Going out in the yard, throwing the football around, going out in the back yard to shoot some hoops…wrestling with the kids, those are all the things that are important to me. I need to be able to maintain my muscle health and my body health which are both closely related if I want to be able to play with my kids like that for another couple of decades.?


Evan Perperis is Inspired to Push Past His Limits

Elite endurance athlete, Evan Perperis aka @UltraOCRMan, is one of the most accomplished obstacle course racers in the world, routinely competing for longer than 24 hours at a time. YOLKED gives him a vital punch of nutrients to fuel his recovery and help him push past even his own perceived limits.

When people ask Evan what his motivation is and why he does what he does, this is his response:
I enjoy training.
I like racing long and I like pushing my body.
I enjoy competition.
I like winning… but I also like losing because without those losses you can?t really appreciate the wins.
I enjoy inspiring my family and others but at the end of the day, it?s just something I like to do.

“As an ultra-distance athlete, I race a lot and when I do race it is very long. Actually, over the last five years if you add up all my races together, it exceeds 21 days cumulatively of racing. YOLKED is an important part of my training because it helps me recover, and if I can recover faster, it means I can race again harder and perform again better the next time.?


Peter Roselli’s Inspiration: Why Not?

After treatment for his second bout with brain cancer, South River (NJ) Police Sergeant Peter Roselli was at a crossroads. Would he give up on pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle, or would he work hard to regain the form he had before being diagnosed and provide a positive example for his children?

With the help of YOLKED, Officer Roselli chose the path of hard work, sacrifice, and ultimately, incredible results. In this clip, he discusses the powerful motivation behind his choice. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more of Officer Roselli’s inspiring story.

All these “whys” I can sit there and say… and make excuses for…or I can say, “Why Not?”  Why can’t I be that strong-minded individual that I can be a role model for my kids. That I can go on the road and talk to individuals at work or on the street and say, “hey, listen…I’m confident. I’m comfortable with what I do. This is how I am.?

Very simple: Why Not.

“I want to be something that I have set in my mind. I want to be successful. I want to be a great role model for those around me. I want to be a success story to those people who are sitting at home taking the same exact chemotherapy that I was taking, going through radiation, saying, “why me?” WHY ME? I went through it, I went through the same stuff, but you know what? There’s always life after whatever misery. Something positive comes out of everything negative in life. Take that negativity, move forward and don’t say, “why me” but say “WHY NOT.”


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