"My “Y” will always be my family." Paul Blackburn

"My “Y” will always be my family." Paul Blackburn

What's Your "Y"

Interview with Paul Blackburn, Oakland Athletics Baseball

Give us a brief background of how your fitness/sport journey has evolved?

I have been playing baseball since I was 5 years old. I’ve been a professional athlete for 10 years. Throughout my journey I have made life long friends and have memories that I will cherish forever.

Who has been your main source of motivation over the years?

My main source of motivation is my family.

They have been by my side throughout my whole journey and I want nothing more than to make them proud.

Where do you find more motivation: doubters or supporters?

I find motivation in doubters. It’s always a good feeling putting in the work and proving people wrong who don’t believe in you.

What is the biggest mental challenge you've had to face in your sport and how have you conquered that?

My biggest challenge mentally was 2018 where I missed the whole season dealing with hand and forearm issues.

What do you do to make sure you're physically and mentally prepared for competition? 

I have a precise plan that I follow and always believe I am better than my opposition.

Describe your recovery strategies. How do you know if those recovery strategies are working?  

I do a lot of stem and massage based recovery work.

YOLKED has become a huge help for me body’s recovery on a daily basis allowing my body to feel fresh everyday.

What's Your "Y"? What keeps you going and training as hard as you do? 

My “Y” will always be my family. I have an amazing wife who sacrifices and does so much in raising our daughter during season. I owe them everything and they are what keeps the fire going in me.

Favorite motivational quote.

“Hard work beats talents when talent doesn’t work hard”

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