"I don’t need doubters to push myself; I can push myself to my limits all on my own." Marissa Oxenford

What's Your "Y"

Interview with Marissa Oxenford, Athlete for the Tampa Bay Brigade

Give us a brief background of how your fitness/sport journey has evolved?

CrossFit has been my sport for about 8 years now but that was only after being a competitive gymnast all my life. I competed in gymnastics from about the age of 4 through college at Temple University. When my gymnastics career was over, I still had a hunger for intense competition and that is how I picked up CrossFit.

What (or who) has been your main source of motivation over the years?

For years, my main source of motivation was myself and my desire to simply be the best version of me!

I am competitive, I am dedicated, I am hyper independent, I have HUGE dreams, and I am the last person I want to let down. Then, about 2 1/12 years ago, I became an aunt and she has become my main source of motivation. Teaching her about health and fitness, about confidence and self love, about being a strong, independent woman…that is my motivation!

Where do you find more motivation: doubters or supporters?

Honestly, it used to be the doubters. You know that “I am going to prove them wrong” mentality.

But that became wasted energy over the years.

My mentality shifted. I don’t need doubters to push myself; I can push myself to my limits all on my own; without the doubters. My mentality shifted towards giving gratitude to my supporters and making them proud and being the best mentor/role model/inspirator to them as I can be.

What is the biggest mental challenge you've had to face in your sport and how have you conquered that?

Just like any other athlete, injuries are always a terrible setback both physically and mentally.

One of my biggest challenges as an athlete was during my gymnastics career. I started competing in gymnastics when I was 4 years old. By the time I was 15, my right shoulder had enough and I went in for a shoulder labral and rotator cuff repair. The rehab process was long and brutal but I fought my way back to gymnastics and got to compete in college. My shoulder still gives me problems to this day occasionally, but honestly, it is better now than it ever was and that is probably because of all of the strengthening I do for CrossFit.

As hard as that injury, surgery, and rehab was, it taught me a lot and also introduced me to the world of physical therapy which opened the door to me becoming a PT myself. www.redemptionphysicaltherapy.com

What do you do to make sure you're physically and mentally prepared for competition? 

Physically, I don’t change anything from my typically day to day. I try to eat the same, drink the same, sleep and wake at similar times if I can.

If my routine supports my daily training, it will support me on competition day so I try not to change much.

Most of my mental preparation is doing my best to not psych myself out :) To remind myself that it is just another day, another workout.

And most importantly, I stress to myself to RUN MY OWN RACE!

Describe your recovery strategies. How do you know if those recovery strategies are working? 

My recovery strategies are a lot of my behind the scenes stuff.

Yes, I do mobility and cool downs, etc. All of those things we are supposed to do. But, my recovery gems come from my supplements and my SLEEP! I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night if I can control that. And then my supplements…of course I try to eat as much of my macros and micros via actual food but supplementation has been very helpful for me and my life schedule. I consistently supplement krill oil, creatine, glutamine, reds and greens, and of course my daily dose of YOLKED.

When I am off my game with any of these, my body tells me via aches and pains, increased soreness, and sluggishness!

What's Your "Y"?

To be the best version of myself and the best role model for my niece. Period. It is about as simple as that.

Where do you see yourself as an athlete in 5 years?

Well, in five years I will be a master’s (YIKES!). But honestly, I hope to be a competitive master’s athlete. Still healthy, still thriving, still able to train, and still able to hold my own ;)

Favorite motivational quote.

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”


"I have said this before. If there is one thing that I am grateful to YOLKED for, it is the recovery aspect. My recovery is better with YOLKED and not only does that physically feel good but it allows me to continue to do what I love! The gym is my happy place and anything that positively supports that is important to me."