"My “Y” is to conquer what was deemed unconquerable." Khalib Slaughter, WCU Saftey

"My “Y” is to conquer what was deemed unconquerable." Khalib Slaughter, WCU Saftey

What's Your "Y"

Khalib Slaughter, WCU Saftey

How has your sport journey evolved?

Football has played a significant part in my life since I was five, so trust me when I say It’s been a rollercoaster of obstacles and setbacks. However, it was how I responded to those situations growing up whether it be injuries, being benched or reprimanded by my coaches or even personal events off the field I’ve always had to persevere and never break.

The way I was brought up my parents raised me to put 100% effort into everything that I do, from cleaning the dishes to finishing that last sprint in practice exactly how I started the first one.

During the pop warner days the main focus of football was fun. As you grow older, you start to realize that things get a bit more serious. With that being said, the jump from grade school through high school to the collegiate level is a tremendous change therefore, I am extremely grateful for my loved ones and coaching staff for preparing me for each step physically and mentally as well as the young man I've become in the process.

What (or who) has been your main source of motivation or inspiration?

My family is such an immense part of my life, sacrificing a great deal in order for me to succeed. Especially my parents teaching me right from wrong and how I should carry myself as a young man and I owe absolutely everything to them.

Where do you find more motivation, doubters or supporters?

Man! I love the doubters, and please don’t get me wrong because I’m so appreciative of those who’ve been in my corner and support me, but the people who’ve talked down on me growing up motivate me the most. This may sound bleak but all of the pain and hardship that I’ve experienced I harness all of it, and project it in the weight room and on the field pushing me to never settle for average. Therefore, I carry those doubters in the back of my mind everyday and continue to work and play with a chip on my shoulder.

What is the biggest mental challenge you've had to face in your sport and how have you conquered that?

The largest mental challenge that I’ve faced would be the journey taken in order for me to get to this point I’m at now athletically. It began with me losing some scholarship offers in high school because I wasn’t taken care of things academically placing me in the difficult position university wise. It landed me at a prep school that ended up folding bringing me to a junior college and then a community college in my town.

Furthermore, after two semesters at community college I applied to West Chester University and was gratefully accepted thus setting my plan into action to walk-on to the football team. The time between community college and my acceptance I spent a vast majority of it lifting weights and doing field work, as a result I found YOLKED through a friend of mine who owns a nutrition shop in my local gym.

YOLKED allowed me to push past limits and place myself on a mental level that I had neve reached before.

This time allowed me to boost my mental and physical confidence aiding me on my success into the football program.

What do you do to make sure you're physically and mentally prepared for competition?

To begin with I always make sure I get something in body with a handful of protein and a decent amount of carbs, to ensure I have enough energy to perform in the weight room or on the field.

The next step for me is locking in and visualizing myself making plays during the game, then my final step is throwing my headphones on 10-15 minutes before and putting myself into that mode. I flip a switch and I become someone different, someone who makes you fear running the ball through the A gap or catching a pass over the middle of the field.

Describe your recovery strategies. How do you know if those recovery strategies are working?

The stages to my recovery are honestly good food and rest. I work out about 4 days a week leaving myself 2-3 days of recovery time. Once I’m finished with my workouts I consume a high protein and carb meal to replenish what I’ve used in the weight room, followed by a protein shake and a serving of YOLKED. I noticed my recovery plan was working due to the immense muscle and weight I was putting on in such a short span of time.

What's Your "Y"?

My “Y” is to be great, to be everything I was told I couldn’t be. Ignoring the noise surrounding my everyday life and paving a path I was told everyday was impossible.

My “Y” is that brand new house or car in my parents name, my “Y” is the tuition numbers dropping from a thousand to zero for all my siblings.

My “Y” is to conquer what was deemed unconquerable, to see my name broadcasted Monday’s, Thursday’s and Sunday’s on the starting line-up.

My “Y” is for the kids aspiring to be something great… never let anyone take that from you.

What keeps you going and training as hard as you do?

What keeps me going hard is my family and loved ones, as well as the success so far that I’ve been able to achieve on a long hard fought road. Looking back and seeing how far I’ve come and the struggles I’ve had to endure and knowing that I’m this close, how could I not wake up every morning motivated to get better?

Where do you see yourself as an athlete in 5 years? 

In the next 5 years I see myself on an NFL team living out my dream. Furthermore, whenever I’ve completed my professional career I plan on taking some of the money and investing it into my own training facility where I can train and guide young athletes from all over the country and world.

Thus, my exercise science degree I’m studying for will allow me to place myself in a position to help those who wish to change the situations they come from.

What's your favorite quote?

That’s a tough one but my favorite quote would have to be:

Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” - Bruce Lee

I’m a huge Bruce Lee fan and I love this quote so much because it’s telling you to absorb all information you receive, especially from those who have been there before or longer than you.

Take what’s important and get rid of what’s not, lastly add your spin on things and create your own style.

Tell us about your experience with YOLKED?

YOLKED is the best product I’ve ever taken as well as a product that you will see results from in a rather short amount of time all based on the work you put in.

About two years ago I found myself working out like a mad man only to realize that I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for based on the work I was putting in at the weight room. Fortunately enough a friend of mine who owns a nutrition shop in our local gym noticed my struggle and told me about a product that could aid me in putting on muscle in a timely manner. After two weeks of it being in my system, I felt my strength increase and muscle gained maintained, along with my recovery time in between sets and after the gym altogether shortened.

Not to sound corny but I honestly felt invincible.

As a result of less recovery time I found myself spending longer periods of time at the gym pushing myself to and past limits I never thought I’d reach. Ultimately, I felt better, looked better and performed better, and at that moment I realized that this was a product that would permanently remain within my arsenal. Before I knew it, I had people asking me what my secret was and I told them. 

YOLKED is well worth the investment allowing myself to push past and to new goals elevating myself mentally and physically for the next steps in my collegiate career as well as future.

To those who take their overall wellness seriously I highly recommend this product in order to see the benefits firsthand.

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