“Believe you have put in the work to deserve success in the moment”

“Believe you have put in the work to deserve success in the moment”

What's Your "Y"

Interview with John Russell, Pitcher with the San Francisco Giants Organization

Give us a brief background of how your sport journey has evolved?

I grew up playing baseball my entire life, but out of high school I was not recruited to play anywhere. I attended the University of Connecticut as a student and decided to try and walk on to the baseball team.

After being cut I transferred and played a semester of Junior College ball at UConn Avery Point. I then returned to UConn (main campus), successfully walked onto the team, and was named a Rawlings All-American my junior year. I was selected in the 16th round of the 2017 MLB draft by the San Francisco Giants.

Throughout the last four years I have played for multiple minor league teams across the country, as well as successfully rehabbing Tommy John Surgery.

What has been your main source of motivation over the years?

My main source of motivation is knowing that nothing in my career was ever easy. I have overcome adversity in every level of baseball and that fuels me to continue to overcome adversity in the future.

Where do you find more motivation: doubters or supporters

A little bit of both. I have an incredible support system of family and friends back home who I know are all rooting for my success.

But I also have had my fair share of doubters throughout my career which fueled me to work harder to prove those people wrong.

What is the biggest mental challenge you've had to face in your sport and how have you conquered that?

Rehabbing Tommy John surgery. As a competitor it is difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch during that year plus of rehab. I was able to conquer it by developing a day to day routine and sticking to that process. Trying to get a little bit better each day, and understanding that it is a marathon and not a sprint.

What do you do to make sure you're physically and mentally prepared for competition?

Baseball players and myself particularly are very routine oriented. I find comfortability in my daily routine and it helps me be prepared both mentally and physically for competition.


Describe your recovery strategies. How do you know if those recovery strategies are working?

After a hard workout or game I always use YOLKED and try to get a good night's sleep. Sleeping for me is the number one source of recovery.

What's Your "Y"? What keeps you going and training as hard as you do?

My "Y" is never wanting to have regret in the future.

I don’t want to look back 20-30 years from now and think about what I could have done differently. If I do everything within my power to be successful now and it doesn’t work out, then I am okay with that.

Where do you see yourself as an athlete in 5 years?

Pitching in the Major Leagues


Favorite motivational quote.

“Believe you have put in the work to deserve success in the moment”

“YOLKED is a high quality product that helps professional athletes like myself to build muscle mass and be prepared to compete." @johnnyrussell3


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