"Mold your body through your own hard work and dedication." Jasen Ono, Bodybuilder

What's Your "Y"

Interview with Jasen Ono, Bodybuilder

My name is Jasen Ono. My last name in Hawaiian means “Delicious” haha ;) I graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I am an amateur bodybuilding looking to earn my IFBB Pro Card.

Give us a brief background of how your fitness journey has evolved? What made you who you are today.

I grew up loving bowling and basketball. It wasn’t until my Senior year in High School that I realized I wanted to be healthier in the long run. One of my Grandpas had cancer and diabetes; so I promised myself I would do something about my health. That led me into bodybuilding and learning about nutrition and supplements in my free time.

Who has been your main source of motivation over the years?

My main motivator has been my mother. I’ve realized ever since I was in Kindergarten, she would instill in our family home cooked meals and healthy eating habits, which has stuck with me to this day.

What is the biggest mental challenge you've had to face in your sport and how have you conquered that?

The biggest challenges in bodybuilding have been two fold. One is self control with food, post contest. The other is more of an emotional/mental hurdle A LOT of people experience. Self love and being content with who you are, rather than seeking to fill a void with “Likes, Comments” and seeking attention from others.

I became resilient with controlling the food intake after the show over time. When you put on 30 lbs in a week after your show, you mature really fast so that never happens again.

For the self love part, I’ve taken some high level psychology programs like the Landmark Program and a few private sessions with my mentor, Jackie Park. The transform I’ve made has truly filled my life with Peace, Gratitude & Love to where I got my passion for training again. It’s fun and exciting rather than feeling like a chore.

What do you do to make sure you're physically and mentally prepared for competition? What’s your “secret”?

I don’t believe you’ll ever feel ready. I still get nervous the day of the show. Knowing you sacrificed several months to be on the stage for one minute, you just go out there to enjoy the moment and have fun.

For me, the nerves went away really fast. At my very first show, they had us lined up and had to fix the lighting. My group held our poses for a solid 2-3 minutes haha. Never got nervous on stage after that.

Describe your recovery strategies. How do you know if those recovery strategies are working?

My recovery strategies include YOLKED post workout with a protein isolate, Vitargo and creatine. I also try to get manual sports therapy done once a month. At home, I spend a few minutes a day rolling on a roller and softball as well.

What's Your "Y"? What keeps you going and training as hard as you do?

The fun and passion of transforming my body based on how the exercises feel to me and how nutrition plays an integral role in the results.

I’ve always wanted to look like a Marvel comic book character since the 2nd grade. I think it’s super cool to mold your body through your own hard work and dedication.

Where do you see yourself as an athlete in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself still doing what I love to do. Regardless of what happens, I will always stay active, happy and healthy.

Favorite motivational quote.

One of my favorite quotes is from the Tokyo Drift movie, “…who you keep around you, says a lot about who you are.”

It has made me realize how important the company I keep around myself. As I have transformed who I am as someone in this Life, so has the people around me have leveled up.

I have been taking YOLKED on and off for 2.5 years; while being on it recently pretty regularly.

Once I saw the results when I first took it, I knew YOLKED worked incredibly well and I know it can benefit a lot of others; who may not even be athletes.

I have worked in the supplement industry for over 12 years. I have done everything from running top nutrition stores in Las Vegas, Southern California and Michigan, to working for a supplement company from the ground up. I started as a demo rep, then became a graphic designer, Social Media Manager, Warehouse Manager then West Coast Sales Rep for that particular brand.

Through it all, I have seen everything in the industry and I will only stand behind a product whose brand that I thoroughly trust.

I will never push a product or sell anything if it adulterates my morals and ethics.

"Because it is NSF certified I highly recommend it for any high school athletes, college athletes, pros and even my parents and grandparents. For me personally, it helps with my muscle fullness and recovery. It is definitely a secret that not many people know about." ~Jasen Ono, Bodybuilder