Interview With YOLKED Ambassador, David Weck On Dynamic Movement & Functional Training

Interview With YOLKED Ambassador, David Weck On Dynamic Movement & Functional Training

We sat down with David Weck, founder of the WeckMethod, to get the inside scoop on dynamic movement and functional training.

Begin with the End in Mind Q&A Interview: David Weck

In this interview with YOLKED Ambassador and biomechanics expert, David Weck, we discover how David found his way into the fitness industry, became a pioneer with his invention of the BOSU and uses dynamic movement and functional training that mimic everyday tasks to achieve physical and psychological benefits. 

  • What initially inspired you to get in the fitness industry?

While pursuing a career in acting, David started Personal Training as a side job. “Being less than an elite athlete motivated me to always be searching for the latest training techniques.” If they did not exist, he invented them.  

“After nearly a decade chasing the acting dream I conceived of the BOSU Ball one night and that gave me the Ace up my sleeve to win in the Fitness Business big time.”

  • Give us an overview of the WeckMethod.

“WeckMethod, the company, is a team of people united in the relentless pursuit of better innovation providing real world value with a focus on human improvement, not just exercise. WeckMethod is an innovation company with foundational principles rooted in the relentless pursuit of improving locomotion and human optimization. “

“It is a personal practice of the fundamental principles of locomotion and self defense.  Our constant “fight” is with the ground and our common enemy when losing this fight is pain and injury. WeckMethod is literally an upgrade to your body’s and brain’s operating system.”

  • How would you define functional training?

The most fundamental functional movement? Walking. “Every step should be balanced and strong. Anything that stands in your way and impairs your ability to walk and run efficiently is dysfunctional training for most people.”

To hit the target, David reminds us to “begin with the end in mind. You can’t skip the fundamental steps and expect to keep growing as you can otherwise.” 

  • What are some of your favorite, most effective exercises?

Considered the “Rite of Passage” into the WeckMethod, David highlights the Rolling Ropes.

“Rolling Ropes (without jumping through the rope) is the best thing a person can do to tie everything together and enhance every aspect of life.” Regardless of skill level, the ropes “unleash latent athleticism they didn’t know they had.”

  • What kind of athletes do you work with most frequently? And why?

“Any athlete.  Any sport. Any person.  I personally have worked with many famous athletes but really they are the vehicle to reach The PEOPLE.  Competitive athletes do not have a choice but to perform WeckMethod’s proprietary methods and products (because they have to in order to compete with those who do).”  

David has also trained those with severe disabilities and go on to climb Mount Whitney and live an independent life up on two feet. “Ultimately I care about The PEOPLE… the more human beings I can empower to walk stronger the better.”

  • How can your method benefit different athletes, from basketball players to golfers to weightlifters to ultra endurance athletes?

“Efficiency is ultimately the limiter of top performance.” WeckMethod teaches the fundamentals of balance. This is “the only way you will ever develop and express maximum power, speed, graceful movement… everything.”

  • Give us an example of how are some people training wrong?

“Let’s not say wrong because the objective is to make everyone better. We WeckMethodize everything we do to achieve the results we insist upon.”

  • How would you “fix” their workouts?

“Start with the Ropes and make every step stronger.”

  • Describe your typical workout.

“I tinker at all times. My workout is every step. I’m 49 with a replaced hip (and many more repairs – knees, elbows, shoulders…) and I’m fast with elite movement skills.” 

  • How does recovery, sleep and nutrition play a part in the WeckMethod? 

David looks at the puzzle to achieving health and happiness in 3 ways:

  1. Mindset
  2. Nutrition
  3. How You Move

For David, the most powerful engine of change is physical movement. With no room for pretending, “if we are to succeed we must begin with honesty.”

In regards to nutrition, David understands the struggle many face. With so much misinformation out there, it can be hard to distinguish between fake claims and facts. The best way to protect against questionable nutrition claims is to be an informed consumer and seek out unbiased science-based research.

For David, it comes down to common sense and recovery. “In the case of YOLKED… it’s a nutrient I like because I feel that it makes me feel better. It works for me and that is why I recommend it to friends and family. And, the fact that it tastes ridiculously good is a plus.”

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  • When and why did create the BOSU? How many revisions did you go through to make it what it is today? 

Lower back pain stemming from weak feet led David to train with a stability ball. But, being the pioneer that he is, he couldn’t help but think, “What if… I cut the ball in half!” Thus, the BOSU was born. 

“I built hundreds of prototypes by hand which I sold to professional sports teams- beginning with the U.S. Ski Team. Selling those BOSU Balls to the Pros was my marketing.”  

As far as revisions and redesigns go, David was operating under circumstances where he might only get one shot at getting it right. “If I had to make a major modification, I might not be in business. At the 11th hour I told the design engineer who was creating the computer assisted designs (CADs) to make a change that he said was wrong. It was my $160,000 on the line so I pulled rank and save my butt.”

  • How has that influenced your newer products? 

David says they’re still a ways off but currently designing new BOSU Balls to expand upon the line.

“Anyone who knows me knows how incredibly intense my intensity is. The combination of my ‘athletic inadequacy’ and ‘psychotic’ motivation to be the best I can be with the financial resources to pursue my mission full-time led us to where we are now.”

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