"My Y is to be the best athlete that I can be for myself and my teammates." ~Emily Wene, Slowpitch Athlete, Bodybuilder, USMC VET

What's Your "Y"

Emily Wene, Slowpitch Athlete, Bodybuilder, USMC VET

Give us a brief background of how your fitness/sport journey has evolved?

I started playing softball at a young age and have always wanted to grow within the sport. I started lifting after joining the Marine Corps with the intent to become a stronger, better athlete.

Over the years I have continued to try and push myself past my current physical limits in order to continuously evolve as an athlete.

What (or who) has been your main source of motivation or inspiration?

My main motivation over the years has been to be the best I can be for myself and my teammates.

Where do you find more motivation: doubters or supporters?

I find more motivation in doubters. Once someone says I can’t, I will do everything in my power to prove them wrong.

What is the biggest mental challenge you've had to face in your sport and how have you conquered that?

The biggest mental challenge is to continuously hold myself accountable to train and practice often. I combat this challenge by sticking to a structured regiment that doesn’t allow me too much flexibility to not train.

What do you do to make sure you're physically and mentally prepared for competition?

Physically I train hard and ensure my nutrition stays on point.

Mentally I always try to clear my mind and desires before a big event by doing yoga.

Describe your recovery strategies. How do you know if those recovery strategies are working?

My recovery regiment includes stretching, hydration, and proper nutrition/supplementation. I usually like to do a mix of yoga and foam rolling to keep my muscles from being tight. I know my recovery strategies are working when I can continue to push and train hard with minimal soreness.

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What's Your "Y"? What keeps you going and training as hard as you do.

My Y is to be the best athlete that I can be for myself and my teammates. I am driven by continuing to push my body to its limits.

Where do you see yourself as an athlete in 5 years?

In five years I see myself continuing to play slowpitch and bodybuilding.

Favorite motivational quote or song.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen” -MJ

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