Earn Money And Become A Brand Ambassador For #TeamYOLKED

Earn Money And Become A Brand Ambassador For #TeamYOLKED

Want to become a brand ambassador? At YOLKED, we look for individuals who authentically represent our brand. Since we work with brand ambassadors every day, we’ve put together a few key characteristics that make great brand ambassadors. 

Tips to Become a Brand Ambassador for YOLKED

Whether you already have a huge list of followers or you’re just starting out, here are some tips on becoming a brand ambassador.

Create an Experience

The key to becoming a successful brand ambassador is to create an experience for your followers. This means posting unique content that is engaging and fun so that your audience becomes genuinely interested and responds by liking or commenting on your post. Whether that is through videos, creative imagery or enticing captions, keep experimenting to see what gets the most response.

Dive In

Whether you’re passionate about obstacle course racing, ninja training, basketball, soccer, weightlifting or trampoline, turn that niche into expertise on social. This means investing time and effort to post quality content through a combination of professional photos and knowledgeable captions.

Smile. Say “Ka-Ching!”

If you want to get paid for becoming a brand ambassador you’ll have to put in the time. It’s important to leverage your reputation on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. first by earning the trust of your followers and allowing time to let your passion shine through. 

Once you become a #teamYOLKED ambassador, you will receive 20% off your own product and a unique 20% off code to share with friends, family and followers. Not only that, but you will also receive a 10% commission on any product purchased using that code!

Be Authentic 

As a YOLKED ambassador, you’ll have accountability to maintain living a healthy life while inspiring others to do the same. We recently spoke to #teamYOLKED Ambassadors, Angela Salveo and Pat Stacks about “walking the walk.” 


As a CrossFit coach, Angela leads by example by participating in their classes and working out at home,

“The struggle is real when it comes to exercise and nutrition – even for fitness professionals. We’re human, too. I like to keep things real with my followers. Some days, if it’s raining and cold outside, I try to share some strategies or motivational quotes that help me stay accountable in hopes I inspire someone else to do the same… but other days, my kids are hanging all over me, literally…so I have to adjust. I don’t hide that.”


As a motivational influencer, Pat Stacks knows just how sweet the victory can be when you overcome obstacles. His secret?

“Always set new goals and find something that drives you to be better.”


Become a #teamYOLKED Ambassador 

We hope these tips will help you on your journey to become the newest YOLKED brand ambassador! Fill out the YOLKED Brand Ambassador Application today!

Find out more about YOLKED, “Protein’s Perfect Partner: A Breakthrough in Sports Nutrition!” 

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