"My "Y" is my family and the dream god has gifted me with." Aric McAtee

What's Your "Y"

Interview with Aric McAtee, Florida Southern College Baseball

Give us a brief background of how your sport journey has evolved?

I have always loved the game of baseball and I have always wanted to play the game for the rest of my life. Through injuries and setbacks I have learned an incredible amount about the game and what it takes to be great. I have evolved into I do everything it takes to be the greatest I can be or I won't be satisfied at the end of the day.

Who has been your main source of motivation over the years?

My main source of motivation is my family. They have done everything they can for me to be able to play baseball and become the player I want to be. If I don't give 100% everyday I am doing my family and myself a disservice.

Where do you find more motivation: doubters or supporters?

I find a lot of motivation in both supporters and doubters. Doubters fuel the fire of my work ethic and supporters fuel my belief that anything is possible.

What is the biggest mental challenge you have had to face in your sport and how have you conquered that?

My biggest mental challenge was coming back from my shoulder injury. I started mentally playing like the game was life or death and that was not mentally working for me. I had to take everything back to the drawing board and start all over.

I started with the mental approach of this is a kids game go out compete and have fun like you did as a kid.

Trust your training.

What do you do to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for competition?

Everyday I do everything it takes to be physically ready for performance. Making my body healthy in all the right ways. Mentally I do a lot of visualization and deep breathing. I turn my nervousness into excitement.

Describe your recovery strategies. 

My recovery strategy with my training is I only do as much as my body can recover from so I can give 100% the next day as well. Recovery is a very important piece to the puzzle when it comes to baseball and all sports really.

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What's Your "Y"? What keeps you going and training as hard as you do?

My "Y" is my family and the dream god has gifted me with.

I want to give my family everything they deserve and have invested in me.

Where do you see yourself as an athlete in 5 years?

I see myself as an athlete playing professional baseball in 5 years working my way up to the MLB.

Favorite motivational quote.

"It ain't about how hard you can hit, It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward."


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