Are These Obstacles Getting In The Way Of Your Fitness Goals?

Are These Obstacles Getting In The Way Of Your Fitness Goals?

If you’re not reaching the fitness goals you desire, it’s time to stop going through the motions and start taking action. Many people make the mistake of letting obstacles get in the way of their fitness goals, simply because they don’t know how to respond to them. 

The easiest way to set yourself up for success is to do some self discovery and find out what’s directly getting in your own way. Besides, how can you make changes over the next year if you don’t understand what’s holding you back? You can’t.

3 Common Barriers Getting in the Way of Your Fitness Goals

At YOLKED, we want to help you get set up for success in 2020 and start seeing the results you want. So, let’s take a look at some of the common obstacles that might be getting in the way of your fitness goals…and how to handle them.

Once you see an obstacle below that resonates with you, make a plan to attack it head on…right now. 2020 is yours!

Forgetting To Make a Plan

When was the last time you spent time on identifying your goals and actually wrote them down? Setting goals and laying out a plan will help you get excited and stay motivated. Besides, that’s half the fun, but if you don’t make a plan, it may not happen.

Whether your fitness goals are to get lean, boost muscle mass or recover from an injury to get back in the game, consistency is key. Without consistent nutrition, consistent training and consistent recovery, you’re not going to be able to make as powerful of changes than if those things were dialed in.

Set yourself up for success by creating new habits that stick.

Current research suggests that to make a habit stick it must be performed for 66 consecutive days. The idea of sticking with something for two months may seem overwhelming for some people which is why focusing on small, achievable goals can help. Start with the big goal in mind and then break it down into smaller goals week by week. Once you feel confident with one small goal, add another until these habits become your new way of life. 

Focusing on the Wrong Things

Whether you’re a beginner exerciser or a professional obstacle course athlete, obstacles are normal. You’re not alone. We all inevitably face challenges in life. Situations that keep us from moving forward could be due to physical, mental or environmental factors. They could be small things that really add up or they could be something big that rocks us to the core. The key to overcoming them is all in how you respond.  

The most successful athletes focus on finding a solution rather than the problem. How do you respond when faced with a challenge? Do you believe that the challenge is there as part of your fitness journey to build character and ultimately drive future success? Or do you believe that the challenge is there to stop you in your tracks and hold you back for good?

One great way to keep your focus and keep fighting is to define your purpose and motivation. Looking a certain way or achieving a milestone in your sport are general reasons, but being really specific about why you want to accomplish those things can be a far more powerful incentive. Once you know your “Y”, it makes your goals personal and creates a stronger connection. That means you’ll be better positioned to embrace your challenges and keep fighting to work towards achieving it.

What is your “Y”?

Fearing Barriers

Truth bomb: Life usually doesn’t go as planned. Instead of allowing barriers to hold you back, realize that they can often be a great stepping stone to your next level of success. Whether your hiccup comes in the form of a crazy work schedule, plateau or injury, next time you run into a challenge, take the focus off of that problem and take immediate action to be solution-driven.

Also, understand that the barrier you’re facing is most likely not something new; other athletes have most likely experienced it (or something very similar to it) and have won over that situation. The fact that they didn’t allow a barrier to stop them means you can also overcome!

“I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

-Thomas Edison

Obstacles? Bring it On and Get YOLKED

Remember, where you are right now is not a reflection of where your fitness journey will finish. Never stop believing in your fitness goals. Have a plan, act on it daily and don’t let anything stand in your way.

What challenge is standing in your way right now? Stare those fears in the face and have faith in your abilities to reach your fitness goals this year with YOLKED, scientifically proven to help your body utilize protein more efficiently to build lean muscle and improve recovery.

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