"My “Y” is my family." Anthony Cioffi, DB, New York Jets

What's Your "Y"?

Anthony Cioffi, DB, New York Jets


Share with us how your sport journey has evolved.

"My sports journey evolved tremendously since I started playing football. I used other sports to help gain an advantage in football so I could learn new movements and continue to develop my tool box. Something that I learned was that in this business the attention to detail is the first point, so I try each day to pay close attention to what I have to do, whether it’s a drill rep or game rep, always have a focus and that’s something I learned growing up."

Describe your recovery strategies. 

"My biggest strategy to make sure I am physically ready and mentally prepared is to set up a lifting schedule during the week so I don’t lose muscle. This also helps with hitting people so that I have a cushion to brace the impact." 

"Mentally, I review the notes and coaching point of the week. I look at who we are playing and study those throughout the week, paired with film and walk through reps to imagine myself making the play in the game."

What's Your "Y"? 

"My “Y” is my family. Growing up my parents paved a way for me and pushed me to love God, my family, and to put 100% in everything I want to do. Being the support on tough days for me, and also in great times sharing the fun. All and all they have taught me things in life that I’m thankful for beyond football and it makes me happy to see them smile."

What keeps you going and training as hard as you do?

"One thing that keeps me training and going is my drive to be able to play in the NFL and go to The CFL. This really molded me into the professional I am today and I’m grateful to have the opportunity again to showcase my talent."

Where do you see yourself as an athlete in 5 years?

"Day by day I want to learn more and more and I am not close to where I see myself in years to come."

What do you do to make sure you're physically and mentally prepared for a game?

"Recovering for me is simple: you need the right foods in your body after a workout, as well as the proper stretches to aid the recovery in those muscles that you worked out. I sleep early and that helps me out for the next day. Being able to eat a lot of fruit is essential too and you can pair it with a shake to add to your recovery needs."