How Can Endurance Athletes Reduce Muscle Wasting?

How Can Endurance Athletes Reduce Muscle Wasting?

How Can Endurance Athletes Reduce Muscle Wasting?

How Can Endurance Athletes Reduce Muscle Wasting?

Some people are hesitant to commit to an endurance training regimen in fear of losing hard-earned muscle. Whether you’re an amateur or professional endurance athlete, long-distance training can really take a toll on the body.

But fortunately, we have good news for those looking to reduce muscle wasting: incorporating resistance training along with a healthy diet high in protein can help to ward off unwanted muscle loss and improve performance at the same time.

What is Muscle Wasting?

Muscle wasting, or muscle atrophy, occurs when muscles waste away. This loss of muscle mass can be due to poor nutrition, aging, genetics or an imbalanced training program.

Add Strength Training to Reduce Muscle Wasting and Improve Performance

The idea that endurance-style training may cause muscle wasting is not unfounded. Since the main goal of any endurance training program is to improve stamina, many athletes fear losing muscle along the way.

To combat that, much research has proven that incorporating strength training can have a positive effect on performance, prevent injury and help to reduce muscle wasting in endurance athletes.

One possible explanation for performance enhancements is that resistance training can create an anaerobic reserve. In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Physiology reported twelve weeks of strength training completed simultaneously with endurance training resulted in greater muscle phosphocreatine and glycogen content and lower lactate concentrations when compared to endurance training alone.

The key to incorporate strength training is to follow a program that fits your goal. For example, if you’re a professional endurance athlete, endurance training should be the priority, but work with your coach to include one or two heavy lifting sessions weekly.

However, if you fall in the recreational endurance athlete category – perhaps also afraid of losing muscle due to aging, you may choose to incorporate heavy lifting as often as three times per week.

Nutrition: The Key to Reduce Muscle Wasting While Endurance Training

Along with a strategic strength training protocol, it’s essential to implement the right nutritional strategy to prevent muscle loss while endurance training. But, the solution isn’t as simple as just eating more food.

A new study on energy expenditure during some of the world’s longest, most grueling sporting events suggests that athletes, no matter the activity, all hit the same metabolic limit.

Researchers found that no matter what the activity, the body starts to break down its own tissues to make up for the caloric deficit beyond the threshold of 2.5 times a person’s resting metabolic rate. One limiting factor for endurance athletes lies in the digestive process — the body’s ability to process food and absorb calories and nutrients to fuel bodily processes.

Because of this, incorporating the right nutrition strategy is key to preventing muscle wasting. For athletes, studies show that between 1.3 to 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily can help to alleviate the risk of deficiencies, aid in an elevated level of functioning and improve the adaption to the training stimulus.

In addition to adequate protein intake, endurance athletes who include YOLKED fueled by Fortetropin® into their daily regimen can also help to decrease protein breakdown. The research is there. In fact, in a double blind, placebo controlled clinical study, participants who took Fortetropin® along with resistance training, gained 2.7x to 3.2x more lean muscle mass than those who took a placebo.

Made from fertilized egg yolk, Fortetropin® is unique because it has complex molecules that are shown to increase muscle building, decrease muscle loss and improve recovery.

This is essential for professional athletes, aging athletes and recreational athletes alike.

Stay in the Game with YOLKED

Training for an endurance event?

Don’t let the fear of losing muscle stop you. When training and nutrition are on point, you can reduce muscle wasting while still build the stamina and strength you need to stay in the game and crush the competition.

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