Will Getting YOLKED? Help Me Maintain a Healthy Weight?

Will Getting YOLKED Help Me Maintain a Healthy Weight?

Will Getting YOLKED? Help Me Maintain a Healthy Weight?

Wondering if taking YOLKED? will help you maintain a healthy weight? The short answer to the question is: maybe.

What is?Fortetropin??

Each serving of YOLKED contains 6.6 grams of Fortetropin?, the finest fertilized egg yolk powder known to humanity that is manufactured using a state of the art, low temperature pasteurization process in order to maintain the bioactive molecules that are found within fertilized egg yolk.

Consuming one serving of Fortetropin? is the equivalent to consuming the yolk of a small egg.

Studies Show that Eating an Egg-Based Breakfast May Enhance Weight Loss Efforts

In 2005, a group of Researchers at St. Louis University conducted a randomized clinical study involving overweight and obese women to study the impact of an egg-based breakfast relative to a bagel-based breakfast on inducing feelings of fullness after eating.

Women between the ages of 25 ? 60 years old were randomly assigned to either the ?bagel group? or the ?egg group.? Participants in each group received a breakfast (bagel- or egg-based) that had equal calories, 3.5 hours prior to consuming lunch.

The Researchers found that subjects that ate an egg-based breakfast consumed fewer calories after breakfast and before lunch.

Further, the Researchers found that consuming an egg-based breakfast led subjects to consume fewer calories throughout the entire day and over a period of 36 hours when compared to those consuming a bagel-based breakfast.

The same group of Researchers conducted a more detailed study involving egg- and bagel-based breakfast consumption and its impact on weight loss [2]. The Researchers found that eating eggs for breakfast could enhance weight loss when incorporated as part of a weight loss program.

So what is the take-home message on getting YOLKED to lose weight?

We think that getting YOLKED for breakfast is a great way to start off the morning.

Not only is YOLKED?a rich source of nutrients, it will likely keep you feeling full longer and reduce the odds that you will snack throughout the day.

Consuming fewer calories while performing more exercise is a time-tested method to maintain a healthy weight.

Read more benefits about YOLKED!

See the science and research behind?YOLKED!



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