YOLKED® 6 Pack
YOLKED® 6 Pack

YOLKED® 6 Pack

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YOLKED® is the world’s most powerful all-natural muscle recovery product, clinically-proven to increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis by 18% and build 3x more lean muscle than protein alone. YOLKED® is not a protein supplement – it’s a PROTEIN ENHANCER! Separate yourself from the competition today.

CLINICALLY-PROVEN SCIENCE: A clinical study with this advanced muscle enhancer has shown gains of up to 8 pounds of lean muscle mass in just 12 weeks. Get BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER so you can dominate on the field.

ALL-NATURAL & TASTES GREAT: YOLKED® is a delicious all-natural food derived from egg yolk, one of nature’s most nutrient-dense substances. It features only three ingredients and it tastes great – like a vanilla cupcake. 

NSF CERTIFIED FOR SPORT: YOLKED® is NSF Certified for Sport and is safe for athletes of all ages.

HOW DO YOU GET YOLKED?: Each box of YOLKED® contains 6 individual pouches of delicious vanilla crumble. Eat it “Straight Up” from the packet or “Remixed” with your favorite shake or smoothie.

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: All YOLKED® products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, please contact us and we'll be sure to make it right.

Now available as a monthly (30 day) subscription.  Learn More

Why Get YOLKED®?

Muscle Growth & Recovery!

Sports are back!  Ideal for anyone who works hard to get better results in the gym. Break through your fitness plateaus with this revolutionary muscle building breakthrough. 

Get to Know Fortetropin®

Our patented process uses high pressure pasteurization and freeze drying to preserve the natural activity and powerful nutrients in fertilized egg yolks. YOLKED® helps the body build muscle faster!

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